Mission = R.O.W.

Our mission is to R.O.W. We seek an increase in Recreational activity for our community members through rowing, a variety of water sports, and exercise achieved in hiking or walking on the proposed pathways of the Middle Harbor and The Buffalo River – our site is open to the public. We seek an increase in access to Ohio Street and Opportunities for environmental stewardship and are dedicated to the upkeep of the land and fresh water at our location and property on Ohio Street. We are in full compliance with the City of Buffalo’s Green Code. We seek increases in Waterfront access and advancement for our community. The BSRA believes in building strong and successful scholastic rowing teams and expanding community’s access to the water.

Currently, the B.S.R.A.’s scholastic members include: Bishop Timon- St. Jude High School, St. Mary's High School, Canisius High School, Mt. Mercy Academy of Buffalo, Buffalo Seminary, and Maritime Charter School. Our club programs include: Team BSRA Girls, Team BSRA Boys, Middle school Learn-To-Row and Modified Sculling and BSRA Master's (adults).

In creating and realizing the Buffalo River Rowing Center (BRRC), our permanent facility on the waterfront advances our mission to R.O.W. The completed Buffalo River Rowing Center, in 5 years, will annually serve its members, an estimated 500 youth and adult athletes from Western New York, as well as members of the community and general members of our public seeking to learn or develop in rowing or water sports or simply are those people who enjoy an access point at fresh water in Buffalo.

In addition to the attraction which rowing can provide, at minimum, we also teach skills for competition, recreation, fitness, therapeutic exercise and much more. The important location and the original design for our site addresses our scholastic and community members’ immediate needs for boat storage, training space, access to the water and programmatic growth. We will also achieve increases in the number of athletes training and visiting the Buffalo River. We will increase the BSRA’s capacity for indoor training, create meeting rooms and locker room space for scholastic and community teams, enhance existing security, storage, and BSRA programs that serve the community. We will expand our summer Learn-to-Row and Competitive programs into state-of-the-art programs and develop adaptive rowing programs for disabled athletes.


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